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The Benefits

  • Highly informative quarterly/monthly Wound Care Bulletin which can keep you in line with the latest trends and practical practices in enhancing wound management.
  • 10% discount rate for our Annual Conference.
  • 30% discount rate for the exclusive book written by President or any other writer under the society’s patronage on wound management.
  • Links to many of our corporate partners’ website and other related associations via our website.
  • You will be informed on the CME's conducted by the society.
  • Certification on wound management upon completion of wound care course at designated hospitals.
  • Enjoy a flat rate of RM60 on The Compendium Of Wound Care Dressings In Malaysia written by Dr. Harikrishna.

The Fee’s

Fee's Structure 2020

  • New Membership Registration Charge: RM30
  • Yearly Membership Charge: RM50

* 1st year payment: RM80 (Registration + Membership Fees) for new members
* 2nd year onwards: RM50 (Membership Fees)

  • Malaysian Society of Wound Care Professionals (MSWCP) is the voice of the wound care professionals and we champion the interest of many concerned people from the medical officers to the ultimate patient to bring out the best in everyone in handling any types of wound.

  • We are extending our arms to embrace wound care professionals to be with us to  enhance  a better patient care quality as we represent the wound care professionals in Malaysia.

  • Our aim is to ensure effective and practical practices are formulated and put into place to improve wound management and clinical outcomes.

How to Register

  1. Fill up the form
  2. Make the paymentAmount: RM80 (New member registration + 1 year membership) for new members 


          Amount: RM50 (Yearly membership charges) for those who are already members


           Beneficiary Name: Malaysian Society of Wound Care Professionals

           Bank: CIMB Bank Berhad

           Account No. : 8000-5201-25

           Bank Address: Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz, Kampung Baru, 50300, Kuala Lumpur.

           SWIFT Code: CIBBMYKL

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