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Missed out on our Webinar “A Novel Organic Approach in Chronic Wounds”, not to worry catch the whole session over here.

About this Webinar

An introduction to WoundKreme, a novel organic ointment for the management of chronic wounds.

For more information on Woundkreme, kindly contact:

Ms SyanasRadzali
Chief Operating Officer, Feuilleorganix

Here are some awesome feedbacks we received from our session

"Very good and i hope webinars like this will be continue in the future to increase knowledge in the field of medicine and health"

- Nurse, Singapore

"Modern webinars like this are very helpful for updating the latest knowledge on modern wound care, I hope more webinars like this will be held"

- Nurse, Indonesia

"It was awesome. Please keep them coming"

- Nurse Australia

"Good information regarding wound management"

- Doctor, Philippines

"It's an honour to learn and get more information ... Looking forward to joining the future webinar sessions"

- Doctor, Malaysia

"Wound care is a good topic to be discussed. Great webinar session"

- Doctor, Malaysia

"An amazing session very informative"

- Nurse, United Kingdom

"It was very informative. Please keep informing me on any future webinar or workshops"

- Nurse, Malaysia

Attached is some information about WoundKreme.