About Us


Malaysian Society of Wound Care Professionals

The Malaysian Society of Wound Care Professionals was officially registered under the Registrar of Society in February 2011.


  • Network

    To establish a network of persons with interest, knowledge and expertise in the field of wound care

  • Provide platform

    To create a discussion platform for all healthcare professionals to share their knowledge and expertise on best practices in wound care management

  • Events

    Organize events related to woundcare and learn from experts across the blogs

  • Research and Education

    To facilitate and encourage interested healthcare personnel to undertake research in the field of wound care

  • President, Malaysian Biotherapy Society

  • Founding President, Malaysian Society of Woundcare Professionals

  • Chairman, Pressure Injury Prevention Committee, KLH

  • National Advisor Primary Health Ministry of Malaysia

  • Vice Director, Asian Academy of Wound Technology (AAWT)

  • Vice President of The Asia Pacific Association on Diabetic Limb Problems

  • Vice President of The Asian Wound Care Association

  • Member of National Technical Committee on Woundcare MOH & Head, Training Committee, Ministry of Health

  • Member of The Asean Expert Group Plus on Diabetic Foot

  • Board Member of The International Wound Practice & Research Association

  • Member of The Wound Expert Board

  • Adjunct Professor, Dept of Surgery, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banares Hindu University, India

  • Editor of The Wound Care Bulletin & Heal Digest

  • Author of The Maggot Debridement Therapy Book, Compendium of Wound Care Dressings & Modalities Pressure Injury Prevention Care Bundle, Diabetic Foot Asian Prespective