Dr. Xiaobing Fu

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Dr. Xiaobing Fu

Dr. Xiaobing Fu is a Professor and Director of the Key Research Laboratory of Wound Repair and Regeneration of PLA, the Director of the Institute of Basic Medical Science, College of Life Sciences, General Hospital of PLA (301 Hospital), Medical College of PLA, and the President of the Chinese Tissue Repair Society and the Chinese Trauma Society.

He serves as a member of the World Union of Wound Healing Societies and an editorial board member of international journals such as Wound Repair and Regeneration, International Wound Journal, International Lower Extremity Wound Journal, Advances in Wound Care and Science China Life Sciences. He was elected to the Chinese Academy of Engineering (Division of Medical and Health) in 2009.

Dr. Fu has made significant contributions to the fields of trauma, tissue repair, and regeneration, particularly in the fields of growth factor functions and their effects in regulating wound healing and stem cell biology as well as their application in sweat gland regeneration. His research has been supported in part by the National Basic Research Program of China, National Distinguished Young Scientists, and National Natural Science Foundation of China.

He has published more than 600 scientific papers, including approximately 260 papers in international journals. As an editor-in-chief, he has published 25 books, including Regenerative Medicine: Basic Principle and Practices and Modern Traumatology.

He has won three first prizes of the National Science and Technology Progress Award (one as the first accomplisher and two as the second accomplisher). He has won numerous international and national prizes for his achievements in the past 30 years.