Malaysia Bid for the 7th World Wound Healing Congress 23-27 September 2026 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

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The Malaysian Society of Wound Care Professionals was officially registered under the Registrar of Society in February 2011. 

The Aim Of The Society

To establish a network of persons with interest, knowledge and expertise in the field of wound care.

To create a discussion platform for all healthcare professionals to share their knowledge and expertise on best practices in wound care management.

To facilitate and encourage interested healthcare personnel to undertake research in the field of wound care.

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Wound is an Injury to skin or underlying structures with impairment to the physiological functions.

Types of Wounds

*Wound can be divided into 2 type which is acute and chronic.
*Acute wounds refers to burns, traumatic amd surgical wounds.
*Chronic wound refers to diabetic foot ulcer, pressure injury and atypical wound, malignancy, arterial and venous ulcers.


Acute wounds normally proceed through an orderly and timely reparative process that results in sustained restoration of anatomic and functional integrity.A key principle for the management of acute wounds is that the handling and treatment of tissue must be as atraumatic. (i.e., non-traumatic) as possible (Cohen et al., 1999)

Acute wounds can be categorised by the mechanism of injury such as burn wounds, incised wounds, avulsion, contused, lacerated, and puncture wounds.

Typically heals in 1-3 weeks with the restoration of underlying tissue, integrity and function of the skin. Generally, surgical intervention such as skin gradt, flaps and cosmetic interventions may be required for wound closure.

Acute wound can progress to a chronic wound if it does not heal within 6 weeks.


Wounds that do not heal fast despite all the interventions carried out and at times , never heals and causes distress in patients.even it is treated, tends to recur!typically it is caused by poor circulation but at times there are other factors also contribute to it such as systemic illnesses such as vasculitis, ischemia, repeated trauma and old age.

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